If you have a backup of a WordPress site you’d like to bring into DevKinsta, you can now create a site from a backup file right from within DevKinsta.

Make sure the backup file contains all of your site’s WordPress files and your database (.sql) file. If your backup doesn’t contain a complete WordPress site, follow the steps in our Manually Import a Backup guide instead.

Creating a Backup

The first thing you’ll need is a backup of the site you want to add in DevKinsta. If the site is hosted at Kinsta, log in to MyKinsta and go to Sites > sitename > Backups > Download to create and download a backup of the site.

Creating a Site From a Backup in DevKinsta

Once you have your backup file, create a custom site in DevKinsta and select the Import backup tab.

Create a custom site and import your backup in DevKinsta.
Create a custom site and import your backup in DevKinsta.

Enter your site details and click the Create site button. If you do not know the database name, you can view that information on your site’s Info page (if hosted at Kinsta) or unpack the backup file and look for the name of the database (.sql) file.

A search and replace to update the URLs in the database to your local site’s URL is automatically performed during the site creation. Once the site is created, you’re ready to begin using your local site.